A Painting as a Journey


Summer, Evening Outing
Summer, Evening Outing
Summer, Evening Outing

Sometimes in painting details that make rural life rich, interesting and represent  a context for human enterprise, ideas about color and intent to show a vast space become lost to specifics. A technique I use to remedy this is to shade the specifics into subtlety.  The way of doing this in watercolor is through light washes bringing the value or gradual rendering of darker tones that allow the eye to travel into lighter areas --restoring the initial idea of a colorful vast space.  In this work, the top is finished painting, below is the version before using this technique on lower right of the painting.  Overall, I believe this brings a balance and communicates more readily my intent of the sense of a summer evening.

wild watercolors, imaginative art, landscape painting, fine art

 Jane M Forth • Virginia
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