Watercolor - 11 x 14 inches

      I  am always studying the immediate and nearby 
 landscape for it offers rich color and subject.   
 The abundance of mountain springs that flow 
  into streams and then rivers is what I intended 
        to paint but during the process imaginary subjects 
          of figures and boats also became part of something 
        happening.  The fluidity and transparent character 
        of watercolor appeals to my sense of painting in an 
       immediate state and initially is very spontaneous.  
             Most often I do not have a strong idea of a watercolor 
                until I am in the process of working.  As I begin, abstract 
              color defines shape to suggest contour of the land and 
                  after that a more graphic approach takes over in painting details. 

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wild watercolors, imaginative art, landscape painting, fine art

 Jane M Forth • Virginia
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